Wednesday, April 30, 2014

List of Stores Coming to Outlet Collection Winnipeg?

Here is a list of the possible factory outlet stores coming to the Outlet Collection across the street from IKEA.

Aldo Outlet
American Eagle Outfitters
Ardene Outlet
Aroma Espresso Bar
Banana Republic Factory Store
Bath & Body Works
Bench Factory Store
Big Smoke Burger
Boathouse Outlet
Body Shop Outlet, The
Brooks Brothers Factory Store
Browns Outlet
Buffalo David Bitton
Calvin Klein Outlet
Chico’s Outlet
Children`s Place Outlet, The
Claire's Outlet
Cole Haan
Columbia Sportswear
Danier Leather Outlet Store
ECCO Shoe Factory Outlet
Eddie Bauer
Famous Footwear Outlet
Forever XXI
Fossil Outlet
Freshly Squeezed
Frosted Cupcake
Game On Sports
Gap Factory Store
Gateway Newstands
Geox Outlet
Guess? Outlet
Haggar Clothing Co.
Hot Topic
Imperial Meats
J. Crew Factory
Kate Spade Outlet
Kavar Boutique
Lindt Outlet
L'Occitane Outlet
Michael Kors Outlet
Mountain Warehouse
Naturalizer Outlet
Nine West Shoe Studio
Not Your Daughter's Jeans
Old Navy
Pandora Outlet
Pepper Palace
Polo Ralph Lauren- COMING SOON
Reebok Outlet
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
RUD by Rudsak
Salomon/ Arc`teryx
Samsonite Outlet
Shoe Company, The
Shirt Store
Signature Perfumes
Soft-Moc Shoe Rack
Sunglass Hut Outlet
SURPLUS Official Diesel Outlet
Tommy Hilfiger Outlet
Trade Secrets
Triumph Lingerie Outlet
UGG Outlet
Van Heusen Outlet
White House Black Market Outlet
Wine Country Vintners
Ya Ya & Co.
Zales Outlet

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Goldeyes

Shaw Park, Home of Goldeyes
Back a number of months ago, I lamented that I would miss the fact that Paul Edmonds and his baseball broadcasts would be moving from TSN Winnipeg to the FM dial and Jewel 101. I noted then that Edmonds had proved his worth as a broadcaster for years covering the Goldeyes. But he also became a reliable and professional guy for TSN Sports overall. At one point this year, he was called in to help with hockey play by play when they really needed it.

It would appear that and other good work landed Paul Edmonds a job at TSN Sports on their morning program The Big Show. Along with Troy Westwood and Matt Liebl, Edmonds gets to sports every morning on a wide range of topics.

Paul Edmonds replaced Jay Richardson at the Big Show who for reasons unknown is not there anymore. Richardson continues to do work for the Winnipeg Jets.

The loss of Paul Edmonds from the Winnipeg Goldeyes after 19 seasons is enormous. Not only was he doing the radio play by play but in the off season was an account manager in the front office. Talk about a huge role!

It was obvious the Goldeyes would have the work cut out for them. It would appear they found their guy. They have signed Steve Schuster to be their new radio guy on Jewel 101 FM. He will also do front office work for the Goldeyes operation in the off season.

Schuster comes to the Goldeyes via the Wichita Wingnuts where he was their play by play guy and front office guy for six seasons. With a broadcasting degree and a MBA, it would be difficult to say that many people would be able to fit the bill as aptly.  The kicker is that Schuster also has hockey broadcast experience as well.

Wichita is a similar size city as Winnipeg with a large aircraft industry. Nevertheless, the move to Winnipeg is probably considered more big market for sports. Schuster will find there is great interest in all the sports teams in the city.

I have no idea what prompted the move of baseball from TSN Radio to Jewel 101 FM. I can only hope that the broadcast has found a home that will make it successful.

This is a big year for the Goldeyes. On July 28-29, they host the American Association All-Star game.

And if past years are any indication, the Goldeyes will have a hard fought season with a major goal of making the play-offs and beyond. It should be a wonderful time in one of the most gorgeous ball parks in North America.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The B-52's - "Roam" (Official Music Video)

Changes to Winnipeg's Grocery Landscape Part 2

Price Chopppers on Stafford
In the aftermath of the Sobey's purchase of Safeway, the combined companies were forced to part with five stores in the city, four Safeways and one Sobey's owned location of Price Choppers.

In all the speculation who would pick up the stores few people thought that all five would go to Winnipeg-based businesses. As has been widely reported Red River Co-Op of Winnipeg has taken over the four Safeways that were on offer and will convert them into Co-Ops. We should see sign changeovers before the end of the year.

The question of what would happen to Price Choppers was left till just recently. I had speculated based on evidence in other provinces that Sobey's might convert the store into a Freshco but it never happened in advance of takeover. Some lamented that the store may never find an owner and it would close.

Still, as the shake-up of Safeway being absorbed by Sobey's and Red River Co-op taking over four Safeway locations, rumours floated about what would happen with Price Choppers. In no particular order this is what was heard: An Asian grocery store will buy the place! Deluca's is kicking the tires. Think someone said it will become a Giant Tiger.

Those that said Giant Tiger were not all wrong. In fact what was happening was that Giant Tiger's owner Northwest Company was seriously thinking of adding the store to the nine stores and distribution center already in the city. In the end, the Winnipeg-based Northwest Company decided to keep the Price Choppers brand and make no changes in staff or format. In short, it was a big win for those people who found the store to be unique in the city.

The fall out from Sobey's buying Safeway will result in job losses. It already has in Winnipeg's case. For some reason the Competition Bureau did not make Sobey's divest of some of the manufacturing plants and distribution warehouses. The Lucerne plant for cheese and ice cream closes this summer on Kind Edward putting 50 well paid workers on the unemployment line. One wonders if Co-Op might have bought that as well if it had been offered.

There are a number of Sobey's directly across the street from a Safeway even now. What will become of them? Case in point: Kenaston at McGillivary. There are two stores directly facing one another.

Some keen eyed flyer readers have probably noticed that Safeway's flyer has changed to something looking more like a Sobey's flyer. This coincided with Safeway's Club Card being dropped in favour of the discount given to all shoppers. It was reported that the discount was extended to more products too. It might be hard to notice though as food prices are up everywhere due to poor weather in several areas of the world.

For the time being, Safeway continues to promote Airmiles. Things could get complicated as Sobey's is aligned with Aeroplan. This state of affairs probably won't continue when the Safeway name comes down.

As Spring rolls into summer, we are likely to hear quite a few more changes in terms of grocery stores. There is no doubt though that keeping Price Choppers a Price Choppers serves the interests of Winnipeg shoppers. Having a large Winnipeg corporate patron keeps the store strong. Likewise, Red River Co-Op's re-entry in the grocery market places another strong Winnipeg company in the forefront of serving the city.

Safeway, we miss you. But you turned tail as soon as Target entered the market.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Grand and Toy to Close

Grand and Toy Winnipeg Square
It was announced today that 19 Grand and Toys are closing across Canada after 132 years in business. Over 160 full and part time jobs will be affected of the 1,300 total staff.

In Winnipeg Grand and Toy has one store location at Winnipeg Square.

It is uncertain what will happen with Winnipeg's regional office as Grand and Toy will continue their online business.

The regional office is on Scurfield in Fort Garry.

Grand and Toy Regional Office.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Misericordia Health Centre Parkade Gets Fifth Floor

Misericordia Parkade in Background
For the last few years Misericordia Health Centre has been under construction for the expansion of western Canada's largest eye specialty facility and home to the new University of Manitoba Ophthalmology Residency Program.

Now comes news that the hospital will build a fifth floor to the parkade on Sherbrook adding 103 parking spaces.

Proposed parking expansion
The original parkade was built in 1986 with three floors of parking atop offices used by the hospital.

The 150 bed interim care and 100 personal care bed Misericordia Health Centre features Urgent Care, eye and pediatric dental surgery, the phone operations of Health Links as well as variety of other health services. It has become known in recent years as a center of excellence for eyes.

The hospital was founded in 1898 and many of the older buildings had grown to outlive their original construction.

There is presently around $45 million of construction going on at the hospital and both Maryland and Sherbrook will be transformed.

Maryland side features the eye centre
Sherbook side features new atrium and entrance
The hospital has created economic activity in and around the Sherbrook and Maryland area the last number of years. Some of the revitalization of the area is due to the hospital.

Parking has been and probably always will be an issue for any hospital, especially ones in areas with more dense population.

The chances are that adding 100 parking spaces will be a drop in the bucket. It is hard not hard to imagine a sixth floor being added as well. Moreover, further hospital activity could migrate to Woodrow Place in a few years hence if condo developers don't get there first.

In the meanwhile, I expect people desperate to park at the hospital for their needs will be happy for an additional 100 spaces in the parkade.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Qdoba Mexican Grill Open April 21

The restaurant located by Polo park opens today at 11 AM.

First 250 customers receive a mystery pre-loaded guest card with food prizes including one offering a year of free burritos.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Manitoba Courts to Allow Television Recording

Manitoba still picture of court proceedings
Manitoba becomes one of the first jurisdictions in Canada to allow for video recording of court proceedings.

The first pictures and video of a court case the other day look surprisingly staged. Hope this won't reflect on future cases.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New High School and Dorms for Lee Boulevard Waverley West

South East Collegiate 
Back in October I pointed out how much development was happening opposite the Waverley West lands near Lee Boulevard. I pointed out then that a major condo development was slated to go up on the corner of Waverley and Lee.

I also indicated that Lee Boulevard had become a centre for First Nations health and education through the South East Tribal Council. A high school as well as personal home centre have been in place from 1995 and 2011 respectively.

Field where new school will be built
The latest news is that the high school will be re-locating to a spot just in front of the personal car home. It is possible the thinking is of having more students attend the school as it will come with 156 two bedroom dorms. The present population of the school is 160 students. By my reckoning that will really increase the amount of students in the school.

School site
 Meanwhile, South Pointe and Bridgwater are no where near approving a school to be built for high school students.

The issue of traffic along Waverley and through the Waverley West area will continue to grow. Expect some woes associated with that.

However, an expanded First Nations school is a good thing.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Thank you Winnipeg Jets

"The Jets were lousy anyway." The Weakerthans

Third year out of the play-offs but undeniably the Winnipeg Jets are the must see and must talk about item in the city. They are the water cooler talk of the town.

Winnipeg has had quite a few hard knocks over the last decades but losing the Jets in 1996 was one of the most heartbreaking. It bespoke of a place that was not just down on its luck but in unspeakable decline. The fans who rallied at The Forks emptied their piggy banks only to hear the powers that be say: No.

The 1990s were a bad time not just for Winnipeg but across Canada. The dollar was at the lowest point ever, the deficit was being cut everywhere, interest rates were out of control, taxes were up, inflation high and unemployment rising.

Winnipeg had barely emerged out of the 1980s recession when we ran smack into a wall in the 1990s. The city became a war zone of crime, declining home prices and high taxes combined with poor economic growth.

The Winnipeg Jets remained a passion for the people of the city but the Winnipeg Arena was owned by the city through Winnipeg Enterprises. The worst kept secret in the city was that some people who were most likely to afford season tickets got in through side doors not controlled by the team organization. Even when the product on the ice was excellent, the team had problems selling out the building.

The attitude in the city in the 1990s was defeat. So much bad news piled atop bad news. And then there was the Winnipeg Jets question. Will they stay, will they go? Do we get a new arena? And in the last year we trade Teemu Selanne for a bag of hockey pucks. It was awful. Heartbreaking.

The refrain of: "Will the last person to leave Winnipeg turn off the lights" was heard frequently.

The arrival of the Manitoba Moose in Winnipeg seemed like the booby prize.

It took a while for the Moose to win us over and for the new ownership group of the Chipman family to convince us there was a plan and that the plan was good. On the back of a paper napkin, a downtown arena plan was hatched and a long game of building on success in hockey management and entertainment was forged.

The MTS Centre was a controversial yet important step in overcoming the knocks the city had been taking. Sad as people were to see the Eaton's building come down, it was unlikely that the site would ever see as many people on a day to day basis as it gets now were it not an arena.

The long plan for hockey and entertainment has meant a certain amount of patience has been 15 years patience. It wasn't just one thing Winnipeg had to wait for, it was a lot of things. We needed someone interested in running a hockey team first. We needed private and government investment in a new arena. We needed the economy to improve. We needed a good salary cap and revenue sharing for any team we had in the city. We needed a building that was run by the team owners and revenues from concessions and merchandise staying with the ownership group. We needed non-hockey events to come to city whether they were monster trucks or curling or Juno Awards.

After the MTS Centre was built, Winnipeg started getting all those things. And it started to be part of the conversation in regards to a possible NHL franchise. Inevitably, whenever a NHL franchise elsewhere in the league was in trouble, Winnipeg became the hammer to use against cities who didn't buckle down and give the owners/league what they wanted.

It seemed we would always be a bridesmaid and never a bride. But the plan, the plan continued and when the Atlanta Thrashers needed a home, the NHL came calling. And the Chipman's were ready, hockey was ready, the arena was ready and the city was so ever ready.

People might have forgotten already how important it was to sell out the MTS Centre not for one, not for two but five seasons in a row. This is turn ensured the success of TSN Jets, the dedicated channel for Jets games. The hottest ticket in town was now available to those who couldn't go on TV...every game. The mostly ESPN programmed 1290 sports radio became one of the most heavily local stations as a result of the Jets.

Quite literally the Winnipeg Jets became the joyous talk of the town. We followed every announcement from general manager to coach assignments. But what wasn't certain was the name of the team until the draft and then we swooned when indeed the name was going to be the Winnipeg Jets.

The uniform design came later. We hemmed and hawed a bit. Debated it but ultimately fell in love...all over again. We were even prepared to buy counterfeit designs of it before it was officially released.

We got to know our team and they got to know us. On everyone's Christmas list was something with the new Jets logo on. Even if you couldn't get into a game, you could show your love.

Training camp was everyone's chance to learn how to pronounce player names and see what they were all about. Heck, we got excited just to hear who would be calling the games and doing colour!

Those pre-season games gave everyone a hint of what was to come and when that first game came...even the new Winnipeg Jets players could only look up and wonder who on earth these insanely joyous fans were. It was heaven.

It seems anticlimactic to point out we didn't make the play-offs in the first year. We didn't expect to. That was part of the plan too...tell people the plan. Winnipeggers were told to expect a slow build over five years. And how much could we expect of a team that first year that really only had a few months to gel in a new home, with new owners, new management, new coach and new fans?

That first year we did make a good go of it.

Second year, league-wide issues came up in the form of a lock-out. It was amazing we even had a season. However, when we did start playing, oh boy! It was a fast pace all the way through and for a while...we touched first place in our division. It was not to last as injuries and inconsistencies and lack of depth had us on the outside looking in when it came to play-offs.

There were many promising signs, not the least of which was the players we drafted. Some looked like they might join the line up in the third year of the re-constituted Jets. And we would need it as change was happening once again for the team in a move to the powerful western conference.

For the first time, training camp really was able to bring in all, and I do mean all, prospects, and have everyone in the organization get to know what we had in talent and prospects.

Third season...this season...the Winnipeg Jets were better. But so was out conference. Our new rookies played like champions but both were stung by injuries. In fact, the last several games looked like the farm club had all been promoted. They played like champs regardless.

This year the Jets showed they could beat the best in the league only to lose to the worst in the league. Consistency is still not there. But what a ride.

The joy is not gone. It is still there every time we shout True North! Where once the old Winnipeg Arena was sometimes filled with more Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys or Edmonton Oilers ones, it is a pretty solid Jets crowd in the audience. And not just in Winnipeg. It seems over many decades we may have exported citizens but the one thing they refused to give up was love of Jets.

So thank you Jets. Thanks for the fun, the excitement....the sense that we are together again, the possibilities you represent...not just for hockey but for entertainment beyond the arena. We have bought into the plan. And the plan is good.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Long and McQuade to be Built off Kenaston

Similar to the one in Calgary?
I cannot say for certain although it would appear that the Long and McQuade location at 651 Stafford will be no longer if plans are approved for a Kenaston and Wilkes location.

Long and McQuade presently has over 60 locations across Canada and generates nearly $300 million for the family owned business. It is one of the world's largest musical instruments, lessons and rentals business in the world.

The large store at Stafford Square right by Pembina has grown over the years. It is a rambling store over a piece of property that once dominated by Videon and VPW, the public access network. Nearly 40 employees work the Stafford location. I am uncertain of the square footage but based on the footprint, I would have thought perhaps under 20,000 square feet.

Long and McQuade founded in Toronto in 1956 has grown over the years incrementally by expanding locations or buying up music companies that were being sold in cities across the country. As so often happens, a family looking to retire from the business looks to Long and McQuade to buy them out.

 One such business was Mother's Music on Wall Street in Winnipeg. It was incorporated into the Long and McQuade family.

It looks like Long and McQuade is prepared to make a substantial multimillion design for a warehouse, showroom and offices complex near the Golf Dome on Wilkes. The design is based on a 2012 complex that McQuade built in Calgary. The overall building with be a sprawling 30,000 square feet.

Right beside Golf Dome
At the end of the line beside Kenaston
More news on this big investment for the music industry in the weeks ahead.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Winnipeg Jets Moving to Quebec City

Quebec City
From Canadian Press:

QUEBEC CITY: The Quebec election heated up with the announcement Tuesday that the Winnipeg Jets would be moving to Quebec City for the start of the 2016 NHL season. PQ chief Pauline Marois and star candidate Pierre Karl Peladeau were on hand with Commissioner Gary Bettman at a news conference held at the site of the new Quebecer Liberté arena.

The news was the most startling event of the election thus far with the shockwave felt far beyond Quebec.

Pauline Marois was ebullient as she donned the new Nordique Liberté uniform. "This day is one for all Quebecers to rejoice over," she said to cheering crowds. "It is just one more thing a PQ government can help bring to Quebec."

The Quebecer media conglomerate bought the Winnipeg Jets early Tuesday morning from the True North owner Mark Chipman. The Winnipeg Jets had just suffered a collapse against the Anaheim Ducks 5-4 after leading for two periods. In a terse statement, Jets owner Chipman said he had sold the team because it had been causing him health problems related to his heart.

Commissioner Gary Bettman welcomed the new Nordique Liberté team and said it would be good for the NHL to have the old rivalries back such as the one against the Montreal Canadiens. "The NHL is stronger for this move. We did not do it lightly and we will miss the Chipman family and Winnipeg being part of the NHL. However, we do understand Mark Chipman's reasons as well as the fact that no suitable owner could be found in Winnipeg."

Bettman stayed out of the politics of the Quebec election. "This is not about any election. This is about the NHL and I believe the new Quebec Liberté will bring excitement playing in their new $400 million Quebecer arena for the 2016 season."

PQ star candidate Pierre Karl Peladeau will become governor of the new Nordique Liberté team. It raised immediate concerns again about his business interests running afoul of rules in regards to politicians and their private holdings. Provincial Liberal leader Philippe Couillard welcomed the return of the NHL but warned that Peladeau should not receive a free pass from the rules just because he owns the Quebec City team.

The ecstatic joy felt in Quebec over a return of hockey to the capital was in turn greeted with outrage and sorrow in Winnipeg. It was only three years prior that the Winnipeg Jets returned to the city after an absence of 15 years. The surprise sale caught everyone off guard including Manitoba premier Greg Selinger who now must contend with a large investment in the MTS Centre with no NHL and, as it turns out, no AHL team to play in the arena. The purchase of the Winnipeg Jets by Quebecer includes the majority of the MTS Centre property plus the Saint John's Ice Caps. The intention of the new Nordique Liberté is to leave their farm club team in Newfoundland.

Greg Selinger responded in shock that his government would look at all options for the MTS Centre including possible penalties for moving the team. "We are in grief right now and will have more to say on the subject at a news conference Friday."

Fans in Winnipeg rallied at Portage and Main at noon. The crowd reaction was one of anger and resignation. One fan at the Dollarama on the famed Portage Avenue shrugged his shoulders. "The team sucked anyway," said John Gray as he counted loonies after his purchase. Still it was hard not to notice the Burmistrov Jets uniform as he walked down the steps into the darkened pathways of Winnipeg's underground concourse.