Thursday, February 6, 2014

Store Makeovers at Polo Park in Advance of H&M

Will H& M Be Two Floors?
The Sears Polo Park death watch continues. Every month, Sears bleeds more workers and loses more money. Leases have been bought up all over the country and Nordstrom ends up being the first choice to take over the space.

Sears in Winnipeg has four stores, Polo Park being the largest.  Nordstrom and Quebec-based La Masion Simons are both anxious to grab the location. One more bad quarter and the whole apple car of Sears Canada might collapse. Expect some sort of announcement soon.

In the mean time, major makeovers and closures are taking place in the mall. Mexx, Dyamite, Garage and Fairweather are closed and relocating within the mall. Why? The reason increasingly looks like H&M wishes to make Winnipeg the location of one of its few two floor designs.

It remains to be seen what the final outcome of the movement within the mall will look like but most of the work will be done by fall of 2014.

There have been lots of rumours about Winnipeg's first Microsoft store opening at Polo Park. Will continue to monitor this. There are now four in country.

Outside of the mall, construction of the two story Target continues apace also slated for a fall opening. No word on what other stores will accompany the big retailer on the old Canad Inns Stadium site.

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