Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Condos for Osborne Village

583 Stradbrook between Wellington Crescent and Nassau
A large stately old house that has seen better days on Stradbrook is slated to become condos in the Osborne Village if the city approves with some conditions. The density of the area has crept higher since the 1980s when multi-family dwellings started to migrate in from the river.

The height restrictions have usually kept condos in the area under three floors. This has preserved the green canopy of trees in the neighbourhood.

The proposal is for a three story condo complex with most of the parking underground.

The demand for such housing in the area is undeniable and the chances that someone might buy the old house for a single detached family dwelling is fairly limited given the restoration work needed to bring it to safe and modern standards.

It is hard to really get an idea of the attractiveness of the building from the present specs.

The development of Osborne Village is now spreading out to more areas.

This is a development in keeping with increasing density but also staying in character for one of Canada's most resilient and interesting districts.

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