Sunday, April 28, 2013

Canadian Mennonite University Expansion

As mentioned back in July on this blog, Canadian Mennonite University is building a library and overpass to connect the north and south campus. The plans this week went before a city committee for approval.

I originally opined that if an overpass was built that hopefully the public would have some general access to it.

Library and parking and overpass
The 20,000 square foot library connected over Grant Avenue met approval of those who like the idea of a public overpass and wishing better trail connections to Assiniboine Forest.

The only naysayer is the Winnipeg Police Service who as a "johnny come lately" caution about sight lines for their new regional office.

Baseball players look to lose their fields in this development by the looks of the plans but the fields surrounding the campus have been woefully underused for years.

Not included in these plans are lighter shaded future development that look to truly link north and south campus locations of CMU.

It is without a doubt excellent news about this development. I fully expect CMU to continue to attract students in greater numbers and having a top notch library furthers that growth.

This is perhaps one of the better moments where a development gets top marks for enhancing the value of the the neighbourhood and providing solutions to long sought goals such as public access.

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Linda Uhrich said...

My daughter is a CMU faculty of music''s an awesome university and very well supported by their alumni and the Mennonite community.