Thursday, March 28, 2013

Seasons of Tuxedo - Restaurant Closings - Arkadash Closed

Seasons of Tuxedo - Phase 1
Anyone driving down Kenaston will notice the sign crews have been busy. Cabela's sign has gone up and last night the store was all lit up on the outside. Dollarama put up its store sign in the last day as well.

Sign crews worked throughout the day Wednesday along Sterling Lyon.

There is so much work being done on site laying down foundations for further work that is difficult to know which building will be completed first.


One note about something reported a few days ago: Kelsey's at McGillivray and Kenaston and Kelsey's at Empress/Polo Festival have closed. Aside from a note in the door thanking people for their patronage, no other information is available. They were both around 5000 square feet restaurants and are now both are up for lease.

Kelsey's closed at Kenaston
Kelsey's closed at Empress
I only went a few times to this restaurant. I am not sure if this is fall out from other places that opened in the city but both locations seem ideally suited for a big player from the U.S. coming in.

Another restaurant bar to close is the large  Dylan O'Connor's at 2609 Portage Avenue. The 7500 foot location has been stripped of signs and is listed for lease.

Dylan O'Connor's...formerly owned by the also closed Brit Cafe family
The Portage Avenue restaurant close potentially be a great opportunity for a local restaurant group to shine.

It is a tough market for restaurant owners. We may see a few more places that have been around for years get uprooted.


This just in this morning.

Arkadash restaurant appears to have closed this morning on Portage Avenue.

Juss Jazz next door closed just a while ago as well.

Thanks to Marty for the tip. Details to follow...


Shaun M. Wheeler said...

Too bad about Kelsey's at Polo. I proposed to my wife at that location.

Just as well, the food kinda sucked.

Anonymous said...

I've still yet to visit Seasons of Tuxedo (I don't have a car); & stuff is closing already! Jeez.481