Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Castle is NOT a Sci-Fi Program

New logo for Space Channel - It's all around you

The old logo from 2005

Evolution of old logo
The Space channel was created in 1997 and since that time, it has been home to science fiction and fantasy TV programming for Canada. It has been a quite popular addition to the selection of TV channels.

Bell Media has been re-branding all of its channels lately. Bravo, the Comedy Network and MuchMusic have all seen changes. In Bravo's case, it has brought in some exciting original programming. For Space, we are seeing a change of Internet website address, logo and taglines. However, there are programming changes coming that are decidedly off message.

Space has been home to many sci-fi programs from the BBC and SyFy channels in the U.S. as well as its own original programs. Notably Dr. Who has been one of the mainstays of the network in recent years.

Bell marketing says this about the change:

“This idea that sci-fi is people in polyester onesies running around with taser guns,” explained Bell marketing director Justin Stockman, “that’s not what the genre is about anymore.”

Um, guys...don't insult your audience. I think Space viewers know what they like in terms of fantasy and sci-fi. They are even prepared to accept shows like Face-Off that might qualify.

One thing I think everyone who watches will agree upon is that Castle, the popular detective show is NOT sci-fi or fantasy or anything close to it.

In my humble opinion, Bell Media may be in violation of their CRTC promise by making this program the anchor to their new brand. Yes, you heard that right...Castle is a Space program.

This is not the first time a network has run afoul of the rules. The History Channel once tried to slide JAG into their line-up and was thoroughly thrashed for it and had to remove it. The CRTC agreed that JAG was not history programming despite the song and dance the network made that it was.

Castle is a shocker on the network. What next? NCIS?

There is still some original sci-fi programming coming down the pike but by view is that this might just be the door opening to introduce other material that has nothing to do with their mandate.


The View from Seven said...

The History Channel hasn't improved much since. Tonight's lineup includes Pawn Stars, American Restoration, Swamp People and Ice Pilots N.W.T. These shows are only historical in the very loose sense that they feature antiques (including flying ones) and old Southern stereotypes.

I don't mind networks programming what makes money for them -- I watch more YouTube anyway, which has tons of genuinely historical stuff -- but it wouldn't hurt for the CRTC to prod the networks a bit on the false labeling of their products.

reedsolomon.matr1x at said...

Why do idiots have to ruin everything?

"Food network to be rebranded the vomit network. People just aren't into making food anymore. It's all about throwing it up now."

Anonymous said...

That new "space" logo is kinda shitty.

Anonymous said...

Re: Castle/Space – I noticed that discrepancy too. On a similar note, its always a fun game to try and figure out how APTN justifies playing the movies they do. Chocolat: quick, what's the aboriginal connection!? The answer? Johnny Depp: part Cherokee. Sweet November!? Keanu Reeves: part Hawaiian?

Anonymous said...

i totally agree!!! i'm a fan of Castle, but i would rather that they do more Star Trek universe re-runs to introduce ST to new or younger viewers. i buy the Sci Fi channel to get niche programming, not yet another murder show that i can watch on OnDemand any time I want.

Anonymous said...

p.s. i am a fangirl of Castle. i even have a calendar that my hubby bought for me for xmas, but why not show Firefly reruns instead?

Gord said...

I sent a complaint to the CRTC about the use of Castle on Space Channel. There are licensing requirements for specialty channels that are supposed to regulate what kind of shows go on specialty channels. I suspect that Bell Media (the new owner of the Space Channel license) is trying to play fast and loose with the license restrictions applicable to Space Channel. If all it takes to qualify as science fiction/fantasy is that one of the stars of the show is Canadian born used to be in a science fiction series (Nathan Fillion was in Firefly) then in theory we can expect to see TJ Hooker and Boston Legal reruns soon on space channel as well (since William Shatner appears in both of those series). Bell seems to be trying hard to shoehorn this program into their license because of a few cameo references to science fiction (probably totalling about 5-10 minutes of total air time on a show that has been on for years) as the basis for bringing in programming from over 100 Castle shows. It is ridiculously transparent and transparent. If this works for Bell it will represent a glaring example of licensees making a mockery of the CRTC licensing system. The government employees at CRTC responsible for watching over this probably do not know (or ever watch) many (most?) of the shows that the network owners choose to put on the specialty channels. If this is brought to their attention by enough people they might do something about it. It is easy to lodge a complaint on line with the CRTC at Anyone who also believes that Castle does not meet the license requirements for Space Channel content should fill out a complaint on the CRTC site.

Anonymous said...

castle on space is off the mark!!!!

John said...

yeah , like seriously. Castle? wtf?

John said...

Seriously? Castle? WTF?