Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Store and Restaurant Closing

KFC at Pembina Highway and Byng

Cosman Furniture at Princess and Ross

I often talk about store openings here but let's talk about the continued slide of KFC's fortunes in Winnipeg. It has been a couple of months since the closure of the KFC at Pembina and Byng. It would seem like it was a good location and has a drive thru but shuttered its doors like so many other fast food chicken places in the city.

It is hard to know if the trend in Winnipeg is to get your chicken as wings rather in the format of breasts, legs and larger wings or whether people are leaning towards a more casual dining experience like Swiss Chalet. Whatever the reason we have seen a steady retreat of fast food chicken joints.

I suspect the location on Pembina will be attractive to some fast food restaurant. Could this be the location of a future Harvey's? They have been looking all over the city for more locations.

Another business that closed down recently was Cosman's Furniture. They have been round a hundred years but the third generation owner has been spending time outside the province and wanted to fold the business. While the owner has said that things were going well, the business reviews have been anything but kind to the store. Now, it is hard to assess the validity of such reviews but they often refer to rudeness and disputes with the proprietor.

Cosman's leave behind a nifty little storefront. It could be the location for any number of businesses including a restaurant.

The only bad thing is the empty civic parkade that is likely going to have to be torn down if councillors ever get around to addressing that issue.


Anonymous said...

About 12 years ago, Cosman's fought the RRC Princess Campus project aggressively. It really made them look bad. I learned everything I needed to know about them during that episode.

At least they will leave behind a space that can be put to a better use.

John Dobbin said...

Anon: I was not aware of that. It is a handsome building. I don't know if it is for sale or what but might be a great location for a business.