Monday, October 8, 2012

How to Change Politics Forever Part 2

How to change politics forever

Build a prototype

Mold it

Shape it

Hate it

Start over

Build another prototype

Shape it

 Love it

That's good

Kick out the committees again

Why? Because they lead to compromise

And compromise leads to this

Okay, back to it. More coffee

Give 'em some kick

Give 'em some power. More power! Never too much power!

Give 'em 76 MPs. No 77!

Give 'em a smartphone app that can start the engine

Give 'em a huge display


No, bigger. Good!

Give 'em starting numbers at 23, no 25%

Uh oh, the finance guys

You can't do that! Kick out the finance guys

Take it to the political track

Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet

Take it to the political shows

Call in the critics

Call in the marketing team.

Win some awards

Get a celebrity leader. Hmm, No




Yes!! He's perfect!

"I am?" Yes, you are.

Making a ground breaking political party. It's that easy.

Add based on this.

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