Saturday, June 2, 2012

Portage and Main - 150 Years Strong

Portage and Main Map and From the Air

The power of one person through words and an idea combined with story and pictures has got the whole town talking. It is the 150th birthday of Portage and Main. It was Christian Cassidy who got the party started and local bloggers and then the media jumped in with hearty support. The mayor might have got involved but it is the weekend and he is not in the province after late Friday. Had he be so inclined on Friday, the mayor might have walked down the street from the Pride event to Portage and Main and partkE of munchies put on Creswin Properties. By the way, guys...nice last minute private business intervention when the city dropped the ball.

The timeclock for when the contract blocking off Portage is ticking down. Wouldn't be nice if by Winnipeg's 150th birthday, it was actually open? Just saying. Or will anyone from the city remember it is 150 years old when it comes?

Anyway, salute to Christian who always shows that there is history at every turn in the city of Winnipeg and a lot of it is darn good.