Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tuxedo Business Park

Tuxedo Business Park Present and Future Plans

I have worked in the Tuxedo Business Park since 2008. Last year was the first years new construction didn't happen save for the Tim Horton's. I have found it a great place to work although (and this is a big although) there are no sidewalks or bikepaths to get there. I drive to work every day. There is a bus loop into the business park but the buses don't come odd hours that I work.

Lost in all the discussion about Kenaston traffic and the coming of Ikea and development of the Kapyong Barracks is how ever greater business development and housing is happening yearly along the corridor.

Each year I have worked at my company, there has been new building in the business park. And now the Free Press reports that a large new buildings is going up. The Composites Innovation Centre is relocating from the University of Manitoba to Tuxedo. Leaping from 6000 square feet to 21,000 square feet, it represents a major investment in the community. The developer Terracon will use CIC to anchor the 45,000 square foot new building. I have little doubt they will be fully leased in the next months.

A further 24,000 square foot business park office complex is in the works for next year. The big surprise is the possible addition of a hotel right next to the IKEA site and in front of the cement plant.

Yes, a hotel along Kenaston. Who'd thunk? With IKEA right next door, a couple of hotels could do okay.

It ain't going to be easy squeezing everyone down Commerce Drive. My guess is that three lanes all the way down to Kenaston Common and turning lanes and better traffic signals will needed in short order.

The front of the Tuxedo Business Park Includes GoodLife Fitness and Tim Horton's.

The future hotel site:

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Anonymous said...

When is that cement plant going to get torn down, what an eye sore.

Anonymous said...

the concrete plant will not be torn down for quite some time, due to the fact that the owner doesnt have the substantle funding. There will be a bank opening up, near it though.