Friday, April 1, 2011

Harper Talks About Pulling Out

(CP) Concepcion, Newfoundland - In a surprising unscripted moment, Stephen Harper talked about pulling out. While addressing the students at Sister Freda Groper School in Concepcion in Newfoundland, Harper answered a question in regards to pulling out. He told seven year old Max Rider that he sometimes thought about the hardship his wife and children went through and had contemplated pulling out.

In Ontario, Michael Ignatieff responded by saying that he had never pulled out of anything in his life. During a lunchbreak at Organic Smoothies in London, Ontario, Ignatieff said that from the time he was a youth, he was determined to stick in. "At Upper Canada College, I never wanted to let down the boys. Once in, I was never out."

Jack Layton, swinging through his own riding in Toronto, said that it has been a hard number of months. "It is difficult to maintain it," he said in a conciliatory tone. "It isn't a question of pulling out but of sustaining it." Staff suggested that health issues have affected his flagging campaign.

On the west coast, Elizabeth May was in Barren Valley, B.C. and took a harsher line on the subject. She said that "it isn't a question of pulling out but never having the opportunity to push in."

Not to be left out, Gilles Duceppe suggested the only thing he wanted to pull out of was Canada. However, he said he would not campaign on the issue and would instead do as he has done in the past which is try for partial withdrawal.

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