Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More NDP Re-Directing

Still seeing more NDP supporters going after the PCs and McFadyen about what he would do to end the deficit while saying nothing about what the NDP intends to do about themselves.

The truth is that they are hoping that the election does not focus on their lack of plan at all.

They keep announcing more and more spending and will likely keep announcing it through an election. However, as soon as the election is over, I think we might see what we saw when the NDP won in Nova Scotia. The NDP premier is promising big cuts to the budget.

The NDP in Manitoba has no such plans. The deficit will continue to grow.

Like the NDP of the Howard Pawley government of the 1980s, the government of Greg Selinger and his predecessor Gary Doer have been marked by rising deficits.

I remember the waste in MPIC, MTS and Workers Compensation under the NDP. The same thinking is now trying to sink Manitoba Hydro.

So expect more NDP fear and screaming and accusations of terror. However, they will likely do the same thing Nova Scotia's NDP is doing after an election if they win. They will say: "We had no idea it was this bad" despite the fact they were in power for 11 years.

The NDP must answer the question of what they will do to end the deficits. All we hear is them howling about everyone else.

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