Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The End of the Canwest Name

The Asper family could hardly expect to keep the name up on a tower they own for a company that doesn't exist. Izzy Asper must be rolling around right now.

Many of his contributions to charity and to business are being stripped away in quick order now that the Canwest empire is no more.

On Monday, the Free Press reported that the Canwest sign was being dismantled. The new name of the building is the awe inspiring 201 Portage. Portage and Main has gone anonymous in the last years.

And apparently, it isn't the only edifice that is losing its name. Canwest Park, home of the Winnipeg Goldeyes will become Shaw Park. I was curious as to whether Shaw would put their name to things. Despite their large presence in Manitoba, I thought they might just spend money in their home province of Alberta.

The Canwest Performing Arts Centre at The Forks is also looking at re-branding to Shaw.

The University of Winnipeg's Canwest Centre for Theatre and Film might keep its name although it is anyone's guess what the details of that naming was.

Most names of stadiums and other edifices have a timeline nowadays for how long they will be up if corporations are giving the money. If the money stops or the company stops, the naming rights seem to be up for grabs or in Canwest's case, up for changing.

Even in Winnipeg, there is no guarantee that naming a bridge or street after a person will last. One hundred years from now, look to see Milt Stegall Drive thrown under the bus because no one knows who he is. In fact, will they even know what the Canadian Football League is 100 years from now?

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