Monday, December 13, 2010

The New Winnipeg Stadium - Not

Work continues at the stadium this cold morning. I see a front end loader clearing earth and trucks hauling it out.

However, the deal that was supposed to be announced today appears to have hit a major roadblock according to the Free Press.

There has to be exasperation at this point. The private push for this is gone. It is a complete government financing deal for what will remain in all likelihood a community team.

The province looks to be on the hook for most of it and while supporters insist the deal pays for itself, this ignores the fact that it will be still taxes that end up paying for it all.

The fact that the total cost has still not been locked down or who will pay for what share is obviously the biggest point of contention.

A provincial election is less than a year away. Greg Selinger and the NDP know that whatever decision they make could end up hurting them.

I am starting to wonder if the government is beginning to think that no deal is the best deal.

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