Tuesday, October 5, 2010

River Heights-Active Transportation Part 6

The crossing along the old CN line for bikes. The small section from Centennial Street to the lane now has a no parking sign.

The no parking sign on Grosvenor Avenue from Beaverbrook Street.

Grosvenor Avenue from Beaverbrook Street to the old CN line. White bike lanes are up on north and south sides. Church goers used to park in this section and were ticketed this past Sunday. Looks like no parking will continue.

The sign post where the no parking sign was put up in front of Westworth Church. The post is still there. No one has heard from the mayor's office that the church will keep its parking. Does the sign go back up and soon as the election is over?

Close-up of the white paint markings in front of Westworth Church. Is this project going to proceed regardless in pursuit of federal dollars?

Notice the white paint guidelines in front of Westworth Church between Beaverbrook Street and Lanark Street. This was supposed to be painted on Monday, October 4. I saw city trucks looking at site in the last days. Does this section have to be done for federal funds to kick in?

Westworth Church people used to be able to park from Lanark Street to the lane with no restriction. That has ended as of last week.

Looking west from the traffic circle at Lanark Street. Notice the white bike line lanes stripes that have been painted as of Monday. The Burlington Northern line is closed in background for a few days for re-hab work.

Update: John Orlikow has stated that parking will be re-instated in the section where the white stripes have been painted.

I will update as more information comes in.

One thing I have heard is that the white stripe bike lanes will indeed remain and might in fact be painted in front of the church. However, parking will be maintained.

I guess we will see what happens. One promise was already broken on not targeting the church.

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