Friday, October 29, 2010

Polo Park 9 Calendar Club...Rainforest Cafe? hmm

Indigo-Chapters book store is also a 50 per cent owner of a seasonal retailer called Calendar Club, a retailer of...calendars. They have recently opened a store in 10,000 of the 20,000 feet of McNally Robinson's old Polo Park location.

Polo Park managers hope that people flock to the store so that it convinces Indigo to open a store permanently. That seems unlikely given the large Chapters store next door.

My view, given the large and unusual space of 20,000 downstairs from the mall, is that Polo Park should be seeking a restaurant.

My suggestion is that they seek out Rainforest Cafe. The average size of their locations is 20,000 square feet. The inside and outside entrances and the ability to customize the exterior make McNally's a perfect location for the popular chain's third Canadian location.

I can just imagine now and steaming volcano on the exterior of Polo Park where McNally once was.

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Christian Cassidy said...

Is there still a bowling alley in the basement of Polo Park ?

John Dobbin said...

Polo Park lanes is still doing well with 20 five pin lanes. They are open till very late at night as well.