Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bartley Kives Assessment Of Charleswood Contenders

Bartley Kives' article on the races around the city made an interesting claim:

The death of 30-year councillor Bill Clement in May paved the way for the most crowded race on city council.

The nine-candidate list in the city's most affluent ward is led by Tory-backed Tuxedo resident Paula Havixbeck and Tory-affiliated Charleswood resident Jarret Hannah, who bills himself as an independent.

The other five candidates are not chopped liver. Timothy Martin is a lawyer. Steve Szego, a retired Air Canada employee, has an endorsement from True North boss Mark Chipman. Dashi Zargani is an entrepreneur. Livio Ciaralli ran against Clement in 2006. Wendy Lenton has also registered.

Timothy Martin questioned Kives about how he made the determination of who the front runners were and said Havixbeck and Hannah have the backing of the Tory machine.

I have no disagreement that Havixbeck has the Tory machine in support. They have said so. I have seen them at functions and debates. It is certainly an advantage in the election in terms of lists for Progressive Conservative and Conservative supporters.

I can find no evidence that Hannah has received any help from conservative elements.

In terms of front runners, there has not been a scientific poll that I know of that indicates who has a lead. My impression is and it is only an impression is that Havixbeck has an advantage.

I'd have to agree with Timothy Martin that it is premature to declare any front runners in the ward.

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