Thursday, September 30, 2010

City Election and Charleswood Part 5

Timothy Martin, candidate for Charleswood-Tuxedo

Timothy Martin is one of the seven candidates running in the Charleswood-Tuxedo riding. By profession he is a lawyer and on his website says that he has gone before council and the province a number of times. He doesn't indicate is what capacity though.

He indicates that he wants to balance the budget and have no tax increase. At the same time, he wants to improve bike paths, roads and recreation areas. He is pro-development and wants to grow the tax base this way. He supports transparency but has not indicated how that might be done.

He has indicated that crime is a big issue and suggests better policing.

One again, I am left a little bit at sea about what policy changes the candidate is thinking about specifically. In terms of transparency, he mentions allowing public scrutiny of contracts but doesn't say whether this will be the law, whether you can examine contracts on the website or whether he will show the details of past contracts.

I hope to see further details on policy.

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