Sunday, August 22, 2010

Manitoba Hydro

The announcement that Manitoba Hydro lost money in the last quarter is nothing to panic over but it is something to keep monitoring.

The Tory response was a bit over the top but so was the NDP one where they say the Tories hate hydro. Time to grow up.

For a long time hydro money has been used for more than just providing power to Manitoba. It has been used to finance government programs. Both the NDP and Tories have to take careful consideration about how hydro has hurt and helped the province. It is complete arrogance to think everything the NDP or the Tories have done in terms of decisions on hydro was always the best thing. The flooding in the north and the repercussion thereafter are example of that.

There is not the transparency needed in regards to Hydro to possibly say for a certainty that some of the decisions they have made or were told to make are the best.

If Hydro losses continue or they appear to be struggling, the NDP are going to find that questions will grow about management. The Tories would do well to continue to ask for full reports, indicate their concern, ask about political interference in Hydro decisions. The NDP would do well to stop trying to keep that information to themselves, stop political interference and cease the ridiculous accusation of hate and/or hidden agendas to sell the utility.

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cherenkov said...

This goes back to the risk issue that the fired auditor was talking about. If they are running losses in relatively good high-water conditions, what would happen if we have a drought? Is it wise to spend an extra $1b on the west-side route for bipole III when the financial balance is so slight?

John Dobbin said...

I am certainly concerned about things. Our losses come from the export market and they are still suffering now. This could be a sustained problem.

Orange Rod said...

Cherenkov, we need the west side route for future wind-farm development.