Friday, July 16, 2010

Election 2010

I have collected the email addresses of the Charleswood-Tuxedo candidates and will be sending it to each of them in due course. I will also compile a lost of fun questions as well to see who they are as people rather than just as candidates.

I don't know who I will vote for in the election in the Charleswood ward. They are all new and deserve a chance to be heard. I will make my decision once I hear something about the candidates.

I don't know who to vote for in terms of the mayor either. I have not voted for Sam Katz in any of his campaigns for mayor. My reasons for this is that I didn't really hear a platform that gave me a sense of vision for the city. I am not rushing to Judy Wasylycia-Leis since I'm not hearing a platform from her either and I am concerned that she will be beholden to her NDP counterparts at the provincial level.

I am left bereft when it comes to mayor. I will wait to see what I see but it might be that I am left with no one to vote for.

In interest of disclosure, I ran as a Liberal provincially in 1988 and worked for the Liberals as an assistant until 1989. I have left my Liberal memberships lapse both provincially and federally but still donate monthly to the federal Liberals. My lapse is not necessarily a reflection of my lack of support but the fact that I am trying to establish myself in a new profession and don't have as much time. That, and a desire to have a family in the next while has limited a more involved political commitment.

I am centrist. I lean to a more fiscal conservative policy that asks if the taxpayer is being best served. I am a social Liberal in that I believe in a live and let live policy. I have an interest in labour and management working well together. I want to make sure that self interest doesn't derail initiatives that are good for the general public. However, I don't believe that a initiatives should be bulldozed through without consulting.

There is going to be some substantial changes in council this election. For many years we have had the same fights with the same people time and time again. It will be interesting to see what is in store for the city in the future.

I hope the questions I have posted and the answers that come give insight into the people we might choose to represent us.

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Anonymous said...

Question - who did you vote for in the last Chareleswood election....and why ?

John Dobbin said...

I cast a vote in opposition to Bill Clement because of what I believed was a rush to approve Kenaston and McGillivray developments without thinking of the traffic issues. At the very least, I thought surface roads would be necessary.

We are seeing the result of that lack of planning every day now.

I voted for Livio Ciaralli knowing he wouldn't win. I've kind of done that for mayor now a few times as well. My only other option was not voting at all.

Anonymous said...

you could have spoiled your ballot. I'd like to see a none of the above on a ballot.

I think its important for the process to record how many people are not happy with candidates.

It may also give the 18000 who didn't vote a reason to go vote.

Anonymous said...

At least LC had the guts to run against BC.

He also paid for his own election and didn't ask for taxpayers to refund his Campaign expenses.

John Dobbin said...

Spoiling your ballot nationally is a federal crime.

In Winnipeg, spoiled ballots are not scanned and returned to the voter. You have to insist they scan it.

You can decline your ballot as well.

None of these really indicates that you are not happy with the candidates.

Anonymous said...

Well it at least indicates you got off your tush and took the time to exercise your "right" to vote.

(Which I might add, considering how many people died for that right, should be mandatory.)

The alternative does not give anyone insight as to why so many people don't go to the polls.

a) too lazy couldn't be bothered
b) assuming election is a foregone conclusion
c) assume all politicians are the same

A spoiled - registered declined ballot ( or none of the above- to stay legal ) answers a and b which is a good thing.

Merely voting for the other guy doesn't really fulfill what your thoughts may be, I'm sure you'd be more satisfied with a none of the above selection.

John Dobbin said...

I have always voted even if the vote was sometimes protest. However, I think it would be good if the none of the above was a choice.

It would be even better if voting for "none of the above" resulted in a new by-election. Perhaps then, candidates would actually consider putting forward a platform or withdrawing if they had no support.

Anonymous said...

i like that, non of the above triggering a new election.

You are right, both sides should be accountable. No platform, don't run.

I just don't like this voting pattern where a block is set for a party type or a vote for me I coached your kids in little league style of campaign.

So far I see very little substance coming out of Charleswood, I may have to spoil my ballot