Sunday, July 11, 2010

Assiniboine Avenue

The artist drawing of Heritage Landing.

Outline of the new Crystal Developments property.

Blueprints of Heritage Landing.

It is no easy task being a developer when it comes to downtown development. If you express and interest in building some place, you have to jump through numerous hoops. And so it went with Crystal Developments who at first wanted to build at Fort and Assiniboine in 2008 but backed off when prominent citizens lobbied to have the land set aside for a historical park.

I felt it was a real shame that the only time that a group got together to protect the site is when someone expressed interest in it.

I had no problem with the idea of a historical park to represent Winnipeg's history from its origins at Upper Fort Garry. What is did have a problem with is how slapdash and late to the party it was.

Thankfully, Crystal Developers wasn't completely chased away but two years to be able find a project to replace what was lost is a little much.

The announcement of the a new highrise between the Midtown Bridge and Bonnycastle Park and bordering the Assiniboine Avenue is the first 20 story plus building built in the downtown in two decades.

The new project called Heritage Landing will rise 22 stories above the Assiniboine River. It will have eventually have around 300 people calling its 209 residential units home.

The project probably won't see any major work done till late 2011 based on some of the challenges presented by hydro lines and river location.

Let's hope that the every other project to bring residents downtown doesn't take just as long.

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