Sunday, April 25, 2010

Polo Park CJOB's Move

The plans have finally been revealed for the old CTV building north of Polo Park.

I have always wondered how CJOB managed in the building they have occupied all these years at 930 Portage Avenue. It had no parking and three radio stations operating out of it. Those were: CJOB, Power 97 and Groove FM. Logic alone would dictate a permanent studio space for Charles Adler.

The location at Portage was used as a post office until 1962 when CJOB moved in. Other radio stations have moved frequently over the years. KY58 and 92 Citi FM used to occupy the old CTV/CKY TV building themselves until Moffat Communications sold them off.

For 48 years, CJOB has has used the 930 Portage site to be the number 1 radio station in Canada. Now, they and their sister stations will occupy entire second floor of their formal AM rival's building at Polo Park. A total of 17,000 square feet will house the three radio stations and The tower and dishes atop the old CKY building will now be used bu Corus Entertainment to broadcast its three signals.

The move to the Polo Park location triggers further work on the old arena site as well. A 85,000 square foot retail expansion will take place on the the footprint north of the CKY building.

The big question now is whether the developments on the old arena site accelerate the Canad Inns Stadium redevelopment.


Sorry for the delay in posts. Holidays needed to be taken.

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