Sunday, January 25, 2009

Development in Winnipeg

Picture from the Winnipeg Free Press of the McDermot Street buildings Manitoba Hydro had intended to gut

One development after another in the city has run into trouble. Even the no-brainers somehow become bogged down with competing interests to the point that work gets delayed or cancelled. Sometimes developers when they do get the go ahead do a sleight of hand and underdeliver on their promises such as what is happening with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authorities office on Main.

It all goes back to City Hall. Some say we should stick to Plan Winnipeg which I agree should be a major force in decisions in the city. However, we also need a better response to developments that require a more fleetfooted decision making process.

Mayor Sam Katz seems a little light in actually showing some direction and council also seems incapable of doing anything but reacting. We need better plans on transit, transportation, housing, commercial development and recreational areas and facilities.

Seems to me that a open conference on even one of those areas would do the city some good. If one looks back to the success of The Forks, it came as a result of public hearings. If only North Portage had some of the same public involvement.

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1 comment:

Mr. Nobody said...

An open conference would be good. thee is definitely a problem with the bylaw and the grading system.

What hydro proposed was acceptable under the bylaw.

What is ludicrous is that council has to deal with every issue that comes up when renovating one of these buildings.